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Our Writing  Club membership is useful for anyone looking to improve their writing ability; whether it be for university, to pass English exams or for professional life. The modules will take you through a number of grammatical concepts so that you can write complex, but succinct, sentences. During our live lessons, teachers will give you time to practice and immediate feedback; afterwards, you will be able to review the concepts using our quizzes and tasks.

Course Resources

This is where you will find the units for your course.  There are 14 units, and each unit contains a video lesson, summary notes and interactive quizzes. 

Writing Tasks

Each writing task is personally marked by a teacher, and then returned to you with highlights and remarks regarding areas for you to improve.  

Live Classes

Live classes are your chance to meet your teacher and other members face-to-face!  Each live class is one hour and your teacher will guide you through the topic for that lesson, as well as give you time to practice, and ask any questions you have.

Live Classes are on Tuesday and Wednesday at 12pm (Brisbane Australia time)

Recorded Live Classes

Did you miss an online class?  This is where you can catchup and view the most current Live Classes.